School Director

Fatima Marin

Fatima Marin serves as the Director of our largest program,
the Preschool, and as overall director for our
Learning Center Ministries. 
Where did you grow up, and what do you remember most about that time?
I was born and raised in Lima, Peru by a strong family of doctors and police officers. I remember my childhood being surrounded by love from my five siblings and lots of food.

What other work did you do before you came to your current work at First Presbyterian?
Before forming part of the First Presbyterian Learning Center, I earned a Bachelor in Education with a specialization in Special Education and a Bachelor in Early Childhood from The University of the Sacred Heart, in Lima, Peru. I have almost 30 years of experience in those fields, Special Education and Early Childhood, and also have countless certifications as I have dedicated myself to continuous education. When I was not teaching children with special needs in Peru, I spent my time as one of the event coordinators for The Special Olympics there.

What motivates you in your work here at the church, and what do you like most about what you do?
I want to see children’s roots grow strong, to have that strong educational foundation for future success in life. I get inspired by the progress in each and every one of my students, teachers and parents. I believe education is a career of devotion, one that you do out of love. My favorite part of my job is the unexpected hugs, and satisfactory comments from happy parents.

What does your faith mean to you? How does it help you in your daily life?
My faith is part of who I am. I have a strong relationship with God, like a father and daughter would. I speak to Him throughout the day, thank him for the many blessings in my life and worship Him every Sunday at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

What are some of the things you like to do, hobbies, favorites shows, other activities?
I am a fashionista. I love to dress up because I believe that the better you look, the better you will feel. My favorite part of fashion is shoes. I love shoes, especially stilettos. I enjoy spending time with my daughters. My hobbies include: shopping, garage sale hopping, baking and cooking. I am not a fan of TV, but enjoy great voices such as Michael Bublé, Adele, and Marc Anthony.

You can reach Fatima at