The Easter Picnic

Every year, two weeks before Easter, our church’s front yard (affectionately known as the patch after our famed Pumpkin Patch), becomes magically populated by thousands of beautifully colored Easter Eggs each containing a fun Easter surprise.

And on that Sunday after worship, over a hundred kids eagerly scoop them up as part of our annual Easter Egg Hunt. But the fun doesn’t stop there! It continues with a bountiful picnic lunch under the many tents set out on the lawn, bag races and raffles, and all sorts of activities for young and old alike. And of course, beyond the activities, people simply come to hang out and relax, to catch up with friends and family, and to let their children run free in the big fenced in lawn. This event jointly sponsored by volunteers from our church family and the folks in our Learning Centers, brings the whole extended family of First Presbyterian together to gear up for the joy of Easter that is soon approaching.

So as Easter approaches, come out and join us. You just purchase your tickets to cover the costs of the day, and then come out and have a blast! It’s yet another way we come together as a community to build relationships and to celebrate the wondrous love of a God who brings people together from all over the world in one wonderfully diverse family of faith!