Men & Women Groups

At First Presbyterian, we realize that women and men need their own spaces where they can gather together for growth and support. And so we provide individual ministries for both men and women to enable that to happen.

Women's Groups

Our ministries with women have a wide array of activities from semi-annual luncheons to bake sales that raise funds for mission projects. But at the heart of this ministry lie the circles, a network of women’s Bible studies that meet monthly, and where women gather to grow in their faith, support one another in the challenges of daily life, and just have a good time together. And in all this work, these ministries come together under the umbrella of Presbyterian Women, a national network of Presbyterian women that jointly do mission around the world and develop resources to nurture women’s faith and growth.

Men's Groups

And with men, the ministry focuses around a series of events focused on food and drink, thus the name Barbecue and Beers, but there are a variety of beverages served (not just beer 😊). Beyond those events, feel to email us for more information as we develop ways for men to go deeper through service and small groups in their own exploration and growth in faith.