Our Vision

Welcoming all into Gods love

Over our 90-plus years of existence, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood has striven to be a community of people that makes a positive impact in our region and world. Over the last thirty years, that commitment has led us more and more to focus on the needs of families in our city, region, and world.

Every week, hundreds of children and their families walk through our doors either through our Learning Center programs or for a Scout meeting or for a worship gathering on Sunday morning. Beyond those events on our campus, we focus, too, on the needs of children around us, whether it be students in need at our local elementary school, or our work in Haiti, helping the orphans we have supported now for 15 plus years as they get educated and move into independence. In that work, we don’t simply want to be more than another organization doing good in our community, but a community that carries forth a life-changing message, the inviting and welcoming love of the amazing God who comes to us in Jesus.

So, we have developed a vision that captures what God has called us to be about:
To invite and welcome everyone into God’s amazing love.
In living out that vision, we work to include everyone who wants to be part of that vision. In our family of faith, you will see singles connecting with young families, single parents reaching out to seniors and vice versa, older families and couples with no children building community together. We all come together to
work with God to bring this vision to reality, and we’d love for you to join us in that journey.

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