Souper Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl? No, the Souper Bowl!

Come out to First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood on Super Bowl morning and enjoy some awesome soup. Each year, folks from the church pull out their best soup recipes to compete to be the Souper Bowl Champion for that year. But no matter who the champion is, everybody wins! Why?

First of all, the soup is free! And each year, the variety is amazing, from classics like a creamy Clam Chowder or a hearty Chicken Soup to options such as Italian Wedding Soup or Thai Lemongrass. But if you want to vote for the champion, then those votes you gotta buy. For a small donation, you get tickets that you can use to vote for your favorite. And we encourage you to use Chicago Rules, to vote early and vote often, and stuff those ballot boxes. After all, every dollar you give will go to feed the hungry of Hollywood through our partnership with the Jubilee Center.

And beyond the funds we raise in Hollywood, our little Souper Bowl Competition is part of a movement that over its 25 year history has raised over 150 million dollars to combat hunger.  It’s one of the many ways we come together as one family to eat together, laugh together, and together meet the needs of our neighbors, especially those most in need.