Music Director

Jim Gensel

Jim Gensel serves as the Director of Music for the Church.
Where did you grow up, and what do you remember most about that time?
I grew up in Hollywood Florida, it was a small town and a simpler time.  Our lives revolved around the church (1st Presbyterian, Hollywood) Mom and Dad were in the choir, all of us three kids were in the choir and youth group. I remember going to church every Sunday, singing in the choir or playing music. I was lucky to have a very happy childhood.
What other work did you do before you came to your current work at First Presbyterian?
I've been a Church Organist/Choir Director since I was about 16. I've taught Public School and Private school music, piano and organ lessons. I worked for Warner Bros. Music Publications for 25 years using music notation software inputting/editing all types of music for publication (25 years). My last 7 years I worked with special needs children in the public school.

What motivates you in your work here at the church, and what do you like most about what you do?
I like working with people, directing the hand bell choir. I've always enjoyed playing the piano and organ. I enjoy finding ways to highlight the sermon topic or scripture through music.
What does your faith mean to you? How does it help you in your daily life?
If I'm struggling, I always remember the verse of a Hymn or a scripture to remind me that there's hope and assurance.

What are some of the things you like to do, hobbies, favorites shows, other activities?
I love traveling through Europe, listening to music, walking in the park and reading.